Hi There!

Hi There!

We are a small apparel company dedicated to making cool t-shirts and making a positive difference in the world we live in. Thanks for checking us out !


  • Who we are

    Five happy campers who live in Mesa, AZ and are just getting used to the heat :)

  • What we do

    We try to create t shirt designs that look cool and say something :)

  • Who we help

    As many organizations and people that do good in our community as we can !

Welcome !!

We are an apparel company that encourages creativity and social awareness in our communities.  Mostly we sell amazing T-shirts that contribute to our towns by donating proceeds to local charities and organizations.  You choose the shirt, and choose were the money goes, it's that simple.  Every month we have a design contest for the idea for our new shirt, and every month we have a spotlight organization to raise money and awareness for.


Every dollar matters !

Every dollar matters !

Making the community a better place one t-shirt at a time


Where do your ideas come from?

Good question! Our ideas for our shirts come from a lot of different places, hobbies, interests, creative minds! We are always making new designs and we get contributions from a lot of different places. Graphic designers, budding artists, anyone who has an amazing suggestion!

How do you help the community?

Another great question! A portion of the proceeds of every t-shirt sold goes to the organization that the customer wants to help, from a list of charities that provide support to others in the East Valley.

Who are the orgnizations you help?

Awesome question! That list is still being compiled, so stay tuned for the updated answer soon!

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